"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts"

~ Aristotle ~

Dr. Mark Valinsky

In the world of media and my field of media management, the gold standard of class is Mark Valinsky. Whether we are discussing the brand or the man, Mark Valinsky exemplifies what any colleague or company would want in professionalism. His career speaks volumes but his actions and achievements speak victory. He's an enigma yet a Renaissance Man. How many people do we know who are a physician, photographer, thespian and publicist in Hollywood? When we need the best, we go straight to Mark Valinsky for all our needs. His dynamic speaking presentations are why we put him at the top of the list at Wise Connections LLC Media Management. Sherill Whisenand Cruz
CEO and Founder
Wise Connections LLC

“Mark Valinsky may not be the best-kept secret, but he is the best at what he does ! Whether you're a business owner, hosting a live event, involved with a philanthropy, or in any field of entertainment (I'm a film producer and speaker), Mark's work will elevate and massively energize your marketing and public relations effort. His work is simply exquisite. Mark has an uncanny gift for making everyone entirely comfortable in front of the camera, capturing their true persona and energy, and delivering images of unparalleled quality. He's professional, a brilliant collaborator, a stunning photographer and a wonderful presence. After years in the film business and having worked with countless photographers, Mark is my photographer of choice !”
Gary W. Goldstein
President,The Goldstein Company
Producer of Academy Award winning movie, Pretty Woman

"Mark is an incredibly efficient and artistic talent. His entire life is amazing. I recommend Mark more than anyone else in his several great fields of work and art."
Max B. Miller
Former Chairman of the Board of Directors
Hollywood Foreign Press Association

"Working with Mark Valinsky is not only a pleasure, it assures me that our company, CC Variety TV will receive only the best photography possible. His professionalism as a Publicist and as a Photographer exceeds many that I know. Please do not hesitate to inquire about his services. You will not be disappointed. Sincerely,
CC Perkinson

You are a wonderful friend and a true mensch.  I appreciate everything you have true spirit. Cheers,
Faith Boutin
Managing Editor and Senior Arts Editor
Fashion Vampire Magazine

The photos are fantastic and exactly what we needed from the event for our newsletter.....some really super great shots showing interaction....thank you so much.  We will be certain to provide full credit on all photos published.
John Arguelles
President Lloyd Klein

I just wanted to thank you for all your help with our event.  You handled the event much better than our staff photographers, and I was very impressed by your professionalism. Best Regards,

Dimitry Slabyak

Publisher / Co-Founder

Beverly Hills Report

His pictures tell an entire story. Mark knows how to capture the special moment that symbolizes the spirit of the story.
Nick M

Mark Valinsky is an extremely talented photographer. He has amazing photographs of rock musicians that NO ONE ELSE HAS! If you are into unique classic rock photos, you should check his extensive catalogue.
Dan J

Mark is one of the few people that actually caught my attention as a talent. He has a great sense of timing and is an amazing talent. The world should know of Mark Valinsky.
Ankh Entertainment

Only Mark Valinsky could get to take these photos. Vintage Rock action photos are so rare, especially on film. He is a true artist.
Edward Lozzi
President,Ed Lozzi and Associates

Mark, Such amazing photography. I am just starting to enjoy photography, so I can see your passion.

Trish Riedel

Hi Mark, your shots captured while walking just blew me away. Isn't that the best fun to just capture those quiet moments? And you do it so beautifully! Thank you.
Jennifer Sloane

Mark, your framing, composition, lighting and detail is phenomenal...what an eye. Obviously, that's why you're a professional but now I am seeing your work :)
Linda Salvin

Very very good work, I'm still going through it, I don't want to miss anything and figure out what was on your mind when you're shooting. It's always good to pick the brain of the photographer in order to grasp his level of sensitivity...You seem to be as good as mastering your vision of landscapes as grasping human interaction... I am very pleased to see your work, talk to you later!Amities...
Marie-France Leroyer

Christina Moss

Gorgeous :-)
Frederique Carillo

Now that's an eye for photographic work and talent not often found. Thank you for sharing! :)
Nikki Hornsby

"Valinsky's photography  captures the raw emotion and zest for life and their art these iconic performers exuded while live on stage. He presents them both realistically and surrealistically by his discerning surgeon's eye".
CC Perkinson

“Mark is a detail oriented and caring professional. Dr. Valinsky takes the time to discover exactly what is needed and wanted from the people he is working with so as to precisely deliver a quality product. Mark is also very personable and is enjoyable to be around.”
Jim DeCicco
Executive Producer
Hollywood Music Awards