"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts"

~ Aristotle ~

Dr. Mark Valinsky


Dear Dr. Mark

How are you? I hope you had a great Father's Day. I have been thinking, lately, about my having not sincerely thanked you in - all this time; I am truly, truly sorry...

Thank you, immensely, for saving my mother's life. For helping her to pull through extreme crisis on more than one occasion. By helping to support her through such intense suffering, you also supported me. In my heart and mind, you were always nothing short of heroic.

As a child, I didn't have these words; more recently in life, I have regretfully failed to remember the importance of my need to share them with you - but my utmost gratitude remains constant.

Dr. Mark, besides my own life, and its redemption - you have given me what is, by far, the greatest gift, ever. Your fight for my mom's survival revealed something about humanity, to me, that I had no previous exposure to, Loving security, Merciful deliverance, Compassion. Though knowingly blessed by your positive impact on my family, I was not initially capable of being fully aware of just how much your genuine care for (and appreciation of) my mom made a world of difference in both how and who we are today.

Dr. Mark, when you saved my mother's life, you also saved my life in demonstrating the effect - the substance - of hope. You gave me a greater ability to believe in goodness. Grace. Compassion. Thank you, again, so much.

You inspire me to continue to learn and teach the worth of and creating and maintaining relationships which foster empathy. Respectful, loving honesty. Healing. Light within my own character; you always inspire me to live my best life.
I can't thank you enough.